Video Production

Capture emotion, connection with your audience

Video is a powerful medium. It is attractive…it draws people in to your message. The speaking tone and pacing of the voices, the camera angles, the lighting, the ambient sounds, the audio track running underneath it all, they all help to contextualize a message to tell a story.

From script to screen

From an initial idea we can coordinate the entire process that will move your video project from script to screen. Originating with sessions that identify core messages, scripts lead to storyboards that guide the cameras and content that help you connect with your audience.

Distribute in multiple formats

Video is flexible and can quickly convey your message in on-the-go mobile formats. It can enhance your message on your website and greatly enrich the visitor experience. Include video in your e-mail distribution messages, share them via social media, or mass produce them in DVD format.

Drive responses with compelling video

We’ll help you tell the story that connects with your audience. Contact us to learn how to get started.