Social Media Benchmarking and Analytics

 Objectively measure your social marketing success

Tracking and comparing the performance of your social media marketing activities is a critical part of your communication strategy.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or both, Kosovich Media Group has special tools to help you visualize and check your social marketing success, benchmarking your numbers against competitors and best practice examples.

Make social media decisions based upon meaningful data

Creative new techniques and tips relating to social media content seem to pop up everyday, but how do you know which are most effective? Most importantly, which are most important specifically for you?

We have tools that will help you to measure the level of engagement among your audience in your social media investment.  We can help you to understand the trends behind your behavioral and content activities that lead to the greatest interaction among your fans and followers.

Compare apples to apples

You likely have some ideas about your social media performance from various bits of analytic information, but how are your competitors performing? How is your performance comparing to them?

We have the tools that will level the playing field, enabling you to directly compare your social media assets to that of your competitors, irrespective of the number of fans.

It’s all about measuring interaction and engagement

Your competitors may have thousands of more “fans” than you, but the real value comes from the amount of interaction those fans have with the brand which extends the awareness of that brand.

We have the tools that pinpoint data and enable you to make decisions that maximize the quality of your fan and follower quantity. Benchmark your own progress. Benchmark the progress of your competitors. Benchmark best practices that you would like to adopt.

It’s more than software, more than data – It’s about making sense

All the software and all the data in the world is only as good as the understanding, contextualization, and application of the knowledge as it relates to you.

We’ll help you make sense of real data that connects to real success. Contact us to learn how to get started.