Online communication strengthens relationships, 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Social Media Connections1

social-media-connections1The date March 12, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web and much evolution has taken place through those years, particularly with the ways people seek information, collaborate, and build relationships online.

Ideas about whether relationships are strengthened or weakened through online communication (email, messaging, or social media) is often a point of debate. The Pew Research Center released a repot marking the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web which shows a majority of internet users say online communication strengthens relationships.

According to the report, “When it comes to their own ties to family and friends: 67% of internet¬†users say their online communication with family and friends has generally strengthened those¬†relationships, while 18% say it generally weakens those relationships.”

Though some reported weakened relationship, the overwhelming majority of internet users report strengthened relationships with family and friends.

This data suggests that people are increasingly comfortable with leveraging technology to build stronger ties online with people they know. It may also suggest strengthening relationship bonds online is an important factor to consider for organizations and businesses as they engage consumers, supporters, and various other online constituents.

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