Mobile app use isn’t replacing mobile web, it’s driving it

mobile-app-web-300x300Some reports and analysts claim that mobile app use is rapidly replacing mobile web use. Some reports indicate mobile users spend up to 85% of their time within mobile apps instead of mobile web browsers.

With the proliferation of mobile apps it could seem as though it is time to discard traditional websites and even their mobile website equivalents.

However, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group for Web publishers, has recently found that 52% of smartphone owners in a poll said they click links within mobile apps that take them to content on mobile websites.

This means mobile app usage is driving traffic to mobile websites.

One of the possible reasons for this could be attributed to advertising opportunities available within various mobile apps, such as Facebook.

For example, while a user may spend much time browsing content within a mobile app such as Facebook, occasionally an advertisement may be presented that prompts the user to click and links the user outside of the mobile app to a mobile website.

The user may never have visited the mobile website if the opportunity to click and visit hadn’t been presented to the user from within the mobile app.

Kosovich Media Group has seen examples where properly configured advertising campaigns positioned within mobile apps have significantly increased the amount of traffic experienced on a mobile website. In one example, 78% of the traffic experienced on a website in a single day came directly from users that visited the website by leaving a mobile app.

This is important because it means that businesses shouldn’t abandon their websites and focus on building mobile apps or trade their websites in favor of their profiles within social media apps. Both social media and other mobile apps are part of an important ecosystem that includes the mobile website.

Whether you need support with your website or a mobile website, need assistance driving traffic to your website through mobile apps, or want to learn more about how online advertising plays a role in the mix, Kosovich Media Group can help you navigate the complexities and measure success.

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